The Rí-Rá Philosophy

The Rí-Rá Philosophy

A chairde,

We Irish have a unique sense of what's fair and funny and tragic and trite. For caring about what's ceart agus cóir. For turning dogma into amaideach. For laughing at adversity and taking sugradh seriously.

In fact, we named ourselves Rí-Rá because we think it sums up that unpredictable divilment that Irish people are so good at. And we believe that this buzz craicáilte matters more today than it ever has.

That uniquely Irish streak of misneach is the antithesis to a data-driven world. Our ruaille buaille turns good moments into savage memories. Our not giving a focal about how perfect our Gaeilge is and using the cúpla we have can't be word-predicted. Our serious pleidhcíocht can't be manufactured, or programmed.

And that’s why we, Rí-Rá, are here; to celebrate the best bits of being Irish by creating reasons to talk, meet, bant, grá, hear, be heard. To be le chéile just a bit more often. 

We dig it. An diggin thú? 

Now, scoop-la focal?

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